1. Featured Artists | March 2013

    Here are the featured artists for March 2013. Enjoy!

    Artist Spot

    Matthew William Robinson | Number 54

    Robinson’s architecturally inspired paintings are powerful and constructive.

    Artist Spot

    Kurt Von Behrmann | Embrace

    Kurt is an exceptional professor of art and has pursued his painting from the moment a paint brush touched his hand.

    Artist Spot

    Diego Marcial Rios | Box of Fire

    Rios has an extensive and impressive career making detailed woodcuts and prints. Political and aggressive, he tells it like it is.

    Artist Spot

    Lorette C. Luzajic | Planetary Chaos

    Lorette’s mixed media pieces are playful, abstract and sometimes deeply painful.


  2. This week Artist Spot features Jacquie Waldman and her Wartercolor Faces Series.
    frankenstein art
    Frankenstein - Jacquie Waldman
    See the whole collection here


  3. Think about it… affordable art. This week Artist Spot features brainy silk screens and luscious paintings by Jacquelyn Van Rixel

    Brain Wave 2

    Orange Juice 3

    Framed Prints and Canvas reproductions of Rixel’s silk screens and paintings are available at ArtistSpot.org


  4. http://artistspot.org

    We here at Artist Spot couldn’t resist the urge to make our own version of the Harlem Shake… Enjoy!


    Harlem Shake by Baauer


  5. Deeper Than FleshAsmat CannibalMadlib


  6. Connection, 8 x 10 print

    Childhood, 8 x 10 print

    Diamond, 8 x 10 print


  7. Our Visit to the LA Art Show 2013

    This past weekend the LA Art Show took over at the Convention Center downtown, we enjoyed the plethora of art eye candy… here are some of our favorites!

     Master Vader - Crash

    Station to Station - Shepard Fairey

    Recycled Work - Cristobal Valecillos

    Moliter 2 - Jean-Francois Rauzier

    Ismay Wolff


  8. New Shirt Designs By Todd Ingram. Available at http://artistspot.org/collections/todd-ingram-shirt-designs

    (Source: artistspot.org)


  9. Prints available at ArtistSpot.org

    (Source: artistspot.org)


  10. Visit ArtistSpot.org to Submit your art. Be the next featured artist!


  11. Flat Iron Building - New York, NY

    Full series and High Quality Framed Prints/Canvas available at ArtistSpot.org


  12. If you’re in LA you have the chance to meet some Artist Spot artists.


  13. Andrew Macrae’s abstract paintings open up a deep sprawling world. 


  14. Congratulations John Redmann! 


    My first Chelsea show!  I put this flyer together myself since I don’t have an official one yet (I just dropped my work off on Saturday). Yes they will be showing the entire 24 hours series.


  15. Designs By Emerging Artists. Framed Prints/Canvas/T Shirts